Maximizing Kitchen Space: Ideas From Professional Remodelers

Clutter-like utensils, tea and coffee canisters, knife blocks, and rolls of paper towels can eat up valuable countertop space. Installing extra shelving above areas you tend to meal-prep helps clear the clutter and gives you more work surface.

Adding baskets, rods with hooks, and shelves can hold cookbooks, dishes, mugs, pans, and other sundries. Custom dividers help keep drawers organized.

Add an Island or Shelving Unit

In many kitchens, long stretches of counter space need to be used. Trade this wasted space in for a small island that offers prep, storage, and a place to seat family and guests for meals.

Several narrow shelves built into either end of an island are a nifty way to squeeze in additional storage space for narrow items like utensils and cooking supplies. Narrow cabinets from Kitchen Counter Installer also make great places to stash kitchen rags, paper towels, and other necessities.

A kitchen island can work harder by adding a few intelligent organizing solutions. For instance, a series of hooks can hang mugs and spoons, and a rail can be added for hanging pot lids. Shelves can be stacked with items like canned goods to keep them from getting buried behind other containers. Or, add risers to a shelf for a more organized look and an easier-to-reach storage solution.

Add Hooks or Riser Storage

Organize the area under your sink for more space to stash cleaning supplies, dish rags, and sponges. A stacked wire basket works well, as does a repurposed wire bin. Keep less frequently used items off the counter by storing them on a shelf mounted to the wall. A bookshelf is a good choice, and a simple wall file works just as well for corralling plastic lids, making it easier to find the one you need.

Add hooks everywhere to make hanging aprons, pot holders, and other kitchen gear easy, then put those empty spots to work as storage. Even a window sill can become a spot to park a utility cart filled with utensils and kitchen gadgets. Consider a collapsible riser for cabinet interiors to reclaim countertop space when cooking hands-on recipes. You can also use one of these risers under a kitchen island to raise ingredients when needed.

Break Up Drawers and Cabinets

Many of us have long stretches of kitchen counter that go unused for cooking and food prep. While you may need help to add more countertops, there are ways you can utilize space beneath cabinets and within drawers for better organization.

Use dividers in your cabinet to break up spaces to quickly find items. This helps eliminate the jumbled mess in a drawer filled with narrow pots and baking sheets. It is also an optimal way to organize a spice cabinet and make it easier to access items.

Consider a sliding shelf to store heavy utensils and cookbooks. These shelves slide out from under the cabinets to save floor space and make reaching the items easy for anyone in the house. There are also a variety of innovative kitchen storage solutions that keep everything off the counters, such as magnet strips, stick-on holders, high quality cabinets for any remodel, and clip or hook options.

Use a Dark Color

A dark kitchen can add a sense of elegance and sophistication. Dark colors like espresso are ideal for creating a classic design that is timeless and will never go out of style. Lighter elements, such as wood floors and lighting fixtures, can complement the dark cabinets well.

While some experts advise against using dark colors in small kitchens, they can help highlight the room’s key features. Open shelving and a black kitchen island are great ways to bring in a dark color without cramming the space.

Choosing the right paint color is essential to any remodeling project, but working with darker cabinets can be especially tricky. Online visualizers are a great tool to help you experiment with different shades before making a final decision. They can also show you how your chosen shade will look in the actual room with existing furniture and decor. If you’re worried about making a mistake, consider hiring a professional color consultant to assist with your kitchen remodel project.

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