Shape Up Your Home Decor With Soft Circles

Shapes can greatly enhance the character of your home decor, but you need to know how to use them properly in order to achieve the right effect. For example, rectangles can create an airy and open feel, while circles give your spaces an elegant and sophisticated feel that’s worthy of any fine décor and design. Here are some easy ways to infuse soft, circle shapes into your home decor while creating an inviting atmosphere at the same time.

Design with circles

Circles are versatile and can be used in a number of ways to soften your spaces. Try adding a round rug to your living room or using circular art prints in your bathroom. You can even add a few small, decorative pillows in the shape of circles to your bed or couch. If you want to get really creative, try hanging a series of different-sized circles from the ceiling to create a unique and eye-catching focal point in any room.

Get cozy with soft circles

Whether you’re hanging them on the wall or using them as throw pillows, soft circles are a great way to add shape and texture to your home decor. Their gentle curves can soften a space and make it feel more inviting. Plus, they’re easy to incorporate into any style of decorating. Here are some tips for using soft circles in your home -Place two large round pillows near a fireplace.

  1. -Replace square-edged furniture with round pieces such as ottomans, tables, lamps, chairs, etc.
  2. -Use two different sized mirrors facing each other to create an optical illusion of infinite reflections.
  3. -Create layers with pillow shams stacked up against one another in various shapes and sizes

Use circles to soften hard edges

One of the easiest ways to soften the look of a room is to add some curved lines. And what better way to do that than with a few circles? You can use them in all sorts of ways to break up all those straight lines.

Circle up for less clutter

As much as we love our stuff, an overabundance of knick-knacks and decorations can make a space feel cluttered and small. One way to combat this is to think about incorporating more soft, organic shapes into your decor. Curves and circles take up less visual space than sharp angles and squares, giving the illusion of a more open area. And since they tend to be pleasing to the eye, they can help create a calming atmosphere in your home.

Go off the edge

Round shapes are everywhere in nature, from pebbles on the beach to raindrops falling from the sky. And it’s no coincidence that they’re also one of the most popular shapes in home decor. Circles soften hard edges, add visual interest, and can make a space feel more inviting.

Visualize your goals

  1. First, take a look around your home and notice where there are empty spaces or areas that could use a little something extra.
  2. Then, think about what kind of mood you want to create in each space.
  3. Once you have a vision in mind, it’s time to start shopping for soft, round shapes that will help bring your vision to life.
  4. Look for items like rugs, throws, pillows, lamps, and vases in circle shapes.
  5. Mix and match different sizes and colors of circles to create an interesting and inviting space.
  6. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different arrangements until you find the perfect look for each room.

Make it personal

As a stylist, I often find myself using circles to soften spaces and create an inviting atmosphere. Here are a few tips on how you can use this shape to achieve the same effect in your own home.

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